PARC Trophy Holders

We have a list of the current PARC Trophy Holders available, congratulations to all members listed. We hope this encourages all you members to get out there and participate in all our fun club rallies and shows!

Trophy Winners for 2017 (handed out at AGM June 2017)

PARC Champion Open:  Kellie Mayo

PARC Champion Intermediate:  Bridget George

PARC Champion Novice:  Lynda Jaggers

Braveheart Cup: Lisa Batenburg

Just Joeking Memorial Trophy for promising PARC mount:  Lily (Jenna Coumbe Ewart’s pony)

PARC founders cup for contribution to PARC:  Danelle Phillips

PARC Sportsmanship Award:  Marek Pipi

Overall Points Winner:  Lynda Jaggers

PARC Commitment to Club trophy:  Sam Knauf

Most Improved Rider: Jo Treneman

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